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My coaching provides you with practical but personally challenging support to get really clear on what happiness is for you and to get you there!

  • Have you been thinking that there is more to life than just your career, your home and your social events?
  • Do you feel really low on Sunday afternoon when you’re running out of you-time?
  • Even though you have everything you need or even desire, you feel something satisfying or deeper is missing.
  • You read the occasional inspirational book but then not sure how to put that into practice or fail to do so?
  • You feel you’re living from weekend to weekend, holiday to holiday, but even that doesn’t spark real happiness, it’s more of an escape for you.
  • You get stuck when making decisions and worry about other people’s thoughts or expectations.
  • You want to get clear on what’s important to you and make decisions in confidence toward your best life!

I get it!

I know exactly how it feels that although your life seems good on paper, to your friends and family, financially no worries, health all good, but there’s this big sense of unhappiness and you have no idea why. I’ve felt completely overwhelmed on mornings before going to work or on Sunday afternoons pre-empting the weekly dread to come. There just was never enough time for my own things, my space, and I’ve felt stuck not knowing how to change it.

You are looking for someone to really support you in getting this clarity to live a happier life!

My mission and passion as a life coach is to uncover what brings you joy and empower you to bring that into your life!

  • You currently feel stuck and that life is living you rather than you living life!
  • You want to get rid of this yuck feeling that’s dragging you down.
  • You want to feel lighter and clearer on what’s next for you in this beautiful life!
  • You want less stuff (clutter, stress and expectations) that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.
  • You want to feel more confident, in control, balanced and calmer.

You’re in the right place.

Coaching with me focusses immensely on figuring out what is truly important to you.
With this insight you’ll be able to make conscious decisions to bring, and keep, that happiness in your life. 
Laura Liefveld

Life-changing, loving, eye-opening

Having no energy, and with quite a bit of disturbance in my life, I felt strongly that I needed a big change in my life, but I was also powerless and didn’t really know which direction to go. I just couldn’t see a clear way. I was so happy to being able to work with Eve, who was my encouragement, my listening ear, and my absolute support. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in 3 months; I’m now so much more aware and full of respect for myself. And I’ve left my job and I’m now confidently pursuing my dream career. Eve is so easy to talk to, calm and patient, super supportive and honestly nice. Thank you!

Emma McLeod
Senior Associate

Amazingly positive & supportive

I had always made decisions because I knew they were the ones expected of me or because I felt they were ‘the right thing’ to do. I had come to a point where I had to make a decision for myself and I was stuck. Initially nervous to start, but through Eve’s amazing support I felt at ease, excited and ready. My biggest learning was that I need to look after myself and through that I’ve increased my self-awareness, something I had wanted to achieve for such a long time. I now prioritise what’s important to me. Coaching with her has made such a positive influence on my life, which I’m so grateful for.

Catherine Jones

Life-changing, liberating, positive

Circumstances in my life made me realise it was time to focus on me and find what makes me happy in life. Optimistic to start with a life coach but challenged as I realised some of my issues were lifelong problems and changing them would be difficult and possibly impossible. Everything had shifted by the end of our 3 months; I’m happy and content in my own skin, I’m kind to and accepting of myself. Now that I am, my whole world has changed - I feel lighter and genuinely happy with life. I honestly believe everyone should take the time to engage a life coach like Eve to really understand where they want to go in life and have clarity and direction!

Supportive, encouraging, happy

With starting my own business, besides working full-time, I felt overwhelmed and like I had no time. Life was passing by and I wasn’t appreciating it. Using a coach really supported me by setting a goal to work towards, gain clarity on what was stopping me from being happy, including my limiting mindsets. I’m very happy how the support and encouragement made me achieve my goal through a combination of insights and practical tools and tips. I’m so aware now of my happiness and how I can ensure I’m enjoying life and totally ready to continue on this journey.

Adam Wahby
IT Professional

Clarity, achievement, inspiring

Feeling stuck and unsure of which direction to take next in my professional life, I was struggling to establish clear life goals to gain more satisfaction and accomplishment out of work. Working with Eve supported me to evaluate myself, working out what my values are and how to apply that to my life. She held me accountable, inspired me and motivated me to go for what I’m passionate about, all in a very pragmatic approach with clear objectives and goals. I now have a better understanding of myself and feel more confident about what it is I want in life.

Jay Curtin

Supportive, stretching, accountable

Prior to our sessions, I felt I was struggling to believe in myself as a capable business person. My commitment to succeeding in family and business meant that I needed to make some changes in my life in order to achieve my goals. I knew my life wasn't set up for more pressure, hence why I needed to de-clutter/refocus in order to be successful at both of them. I really noticed and appreciated Eve’s clear ability in identifying and isolating my feelings and struggles, and then guiding me to forming clear goals and actions going forward. I now have an increased awareness around the stress points in my life and a new-found commitment to work on them.

Andrea Freeman

Professional, compassionate, challenging

Being in a time of my life where I was struggling with all my responsibilities, not knowing how to begin, prioritise or manage my energy I found Eve to coach me in a way beyond my expectations! Throughout the entire series I felt really supported but also positively challenged to dig deeper to find just what I needed. My focus has shifted with many changes implemented, I definitely feel on track and I think of myself and my needs more without feeling selfish. I found her at the perfect time and it has made such a positive impact on me and my life.

Dale VanBeem

Motivating, genuine, professional

I started working with Eve when I was in a lifestyle transition from a stable and consistent work life to one of self-employment, coming with new opportunities and challenges. What I saw a tough time was transformed in a journey of getting clear on what I need and want to focus on with support from Eve in a motivating, positive and professional manner. My biggest change is my developing mindset from who I've always been to who I want to be.

Johanna Matus

Powerful, amazing, profound

Struggling with promoting myself, a giant to-do list and feeling unorganized, I am so grateful of having been coached by Eve. She provided me with great insight by asking the tough questions in a respectful manner and focusing on what was really important to me. I now feel more balanced, and better able to prioritise and express myself. I am more effective at letting go of mind clutter and have also started on the psychical clutter, resulting in a lighter and more confident me.

From our coaching series together you will have more awareness to what is and isn’t important in your life. With your new skills and practical tools that suit you, you will be able to live with intention and continue creating space for what you need.

Your clarity on what brings you happiness will give you this deep sense of joy for life, contentment and the connection to yourself.  

Three month* coaching series

This coaching series with me gives you;

  • An obligation free 30 minute discovery call to see if we fit each other
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to really figure out what you need
  • 6 one hour online video sessions (2 per month)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions.
  • Sessions can be booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays early morning to evening to suit your schedule too.

$ 280  per month

or $ 800 when paid in full

* option to renew for another 3 months at reduced rate of $245 per month or $700 in full

Limited spots available

We will work well together if you are a positive person with a pro-active attitude.

I'm your coach if

  • You are really excited to explore this with me.
  • You are open to suggestions even perhaps left-of-field.
  • You are practical, sensible, and happy to discuss everything openly (that’s me too!).
  • You are not afraid to be challenged, tackle the hard stuff and really discover and learn more.

I'm not your coach if

  • You are not willing to put in the work but expect results.
  • You are held back to dig a bit deeper than usual.
  • You don’t want to step beyond your comfort zone.

I promise you

  • To be all in; I am fully there for you in whatever you need.
  • A safe space; our sessions are confidential, open and non-judgemental.
  • Accountability; it is my passion to see you shine.
  • Full honesty; to get your most amazing results I will challenge you.
  • Lots of happiness; during our time together, but most importantly beyond that too!
Now you know what how I can and will support you to a very clear path to your happiness, but;

I realise you’re not sure on some of these things, but we will only make things more clear for you for you to make better decisions for YOUR life.

You can always book in a discovery call to connect with me for 30min and ask any questions to make sure you’re comfortable with my approach.

We will work at your pace and you call the shots. But our main objective is to create the time for you and what’s important to you. Think about the time you now spend on things that aren’t that important in your life. We’ll get super clear on that, so you can make the right decisions for you and you can absolutely change your entire future!

I’m available to suit your schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Compare it to your last holiday, that was worth it and this will leave you with lasting tools for you to continue to fully enjoy your life, not just on holidays. This is an investment in yourself, your future and your long-term happiness.

I promise you the outcome will be entirely worth it!

 I’m here without judgement, ready to hear your story and here to support you and your decisions; and I totally understand as I’ve been there too.

All our sessions will 100% focussed on what you need and I’m excited to give you that support.

Let’s get you on your way for more clarity, balance and joy in your life that you deserve. We can start connecting and diving in to what you most want and need by you clicking the button below to book your 30min discovery call.

Ready to start, click on book now 

If you are unsure and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the contact me button

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