My thing with peacock feathers

Perhaps you have picked up that my business logo resembles a peacock feather. The amazingly talented designer that worked with me on this really portrayed the vision I had for a modern, minimalist and light representation of a peacock feather. I want to share with you my reasons for this and what the peacock feather means to me (it has many symbolisms) and I’ll also highlight a super personal aspect in this post 🙂

Personal growth

The peacock loses all its beautiful tail feathers once a year which gives it the symbology for renewal. For me this stands for personal growth as every day, every moment you can choose a different life for yourself. Each moment you have the power to renew yourself. In my coaching it’s my drive to instil people with this feeling of empowerment. Personal growth is always there for you, available at any moment.


The most striking aspect of the peacock feather besides the stunning array of colours is of course the eye. In eastern philosophies this not only stands for protection of evil spirits but also, and that’s what relates to me more, it represents vision. I have a very strong vision for my business, myself and the life I’m living. For me it’s all about finding clarity, of what’s important to me, clarity on the right decisions and thereby bringing more happiness in my life and that is what I want to share with others too. This vision motivates me every single day!

Colours of beauty

As so many others I am drawn to the colours of the ocean, especially that deep blue or turquoise. I mean the peacock is so stunningly gorgeous! With my educational background in marine biology I have always preferred the blue-ish colours and they exude this sense of serenity, calm, peacefulness, something I strive for every day in my life. I strongly believe that bringing more calmness in your life will help you on so many levels. We all need this pause to stop, breathe and reflect.

Light as a feather

The first post you can read on my blog is ‘living light’. I am striving for that everything in my life has a purpose. This relates to my belongings but equally important to how I spend my time. Minimalism came in to my life a few years ago and from the physical aspect of decluttering my home it has brought me to living a life in line with my values, slowly and consciously getting to the essence of it all. The light feather aspect reminds me to focus, do less and live light.

Challenge yourself

It might come across as slightly superficial but there is this pose in yoga called feathered peacock pose (pincha mayurasana) and it’s a super challenging pose. I have always been drawn to this pose but because of my very tight shoulders in my early years of practicing yoga I never thought this was possible for me. Don’t get me wrong, at this stage I am still not able to execute this pose of balancing on your forearms. However, my increased learning in yoga taught me two things; firstly – it’s not about which pose you can and can’t do, how far you can bend backwards or how skilled you are. Yoga is about accepting yourself and not comparing yourself to others. Secondly – if you tell yourself you can’t do something, I guarantee you that you won’t be able to it. I believe we are capable of what we set our minds to. Challenge yourself and your beliefs you have!

Connection and compassion

With the peacock having a strong representation in all major religions to me it also represents connection and compassion. I feel that in recent times I am spiritually growing and that feeling of connection to something larger than my own is supporting me and my business. I think it’s absolutely essential for us all to come together, increase our understanding, letting go of judgement, accept different beliefs and be there for each other.

Show yourself

A few years ago I decided to cover up a 16 year old tattoo as that didn’t fully relate to me anymore. My Chinese character of forgiveness was replaced by a gorgeously colourful peacock feather. It is placed on my left lower abdomen. By telling you this personal aspect, including all the above mentioned beliefs I have, I am showing you me! As the peacock does in all its glory when it all its feathers rise, I believe that the only way we can live a truly amazing life is show ourselves with the absolute beauty we all have. There’s only one me, only one you, and only you can be the best version of you. I’m showing myself, are you ready to show yourself?!

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