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Happiness is a Choice

The Happiness is a Choice workshop is designed for anyone who want to understand him or herself better so they can make better decisions, adjust their mindset and then bring more happiness in their lives. It’s a half day workshop where we assess your happiness, your values, your limitations to happiness and discuss practical tools to welcome more positivity.

Based on my own experiences and research I’ve conducted I know that happiness is a choice; it’s something you can have now and yes you have to commit to it and work for it. We all have certain aspects (usually our perspective) that limits us from feeling happy, but with understanding yourself more you can absolutely get there.

I’ll explain to you why it’s so important to be yourself, how we can raise your level of happiness, shift your mindset on what’s holding you back and leave you with strategies for you to easy implement. 

I know you can get there and I’m excited to support you, if you’re ready to learn more about what happiness really is for you I’d love to see you at the next one.

“Feeling a bit nervous and not knowing what to expect I was blown away by the quality of the presentation, the materials and the discussion; so much thought was put into every detail. The workshop was amazing and I can’t wait to hear about upcoming workshops from Eve.”  – Emma McLeod

“The workshop environment was very relaxed and pleasant. Eve’s knowledge and her clear and concise style of presenting and her way of relaying the message to the attendees was great. I learned to be grateful everyday of the things I have.” Jules Civitella

“Feeling confused and lacking a clear direction I attended Eve’s workshop with an open mind. I liked the style and pace of the presentation and spending the time to really focus on myself and my own goals for happiness. I learnt strategies for focussing on what is truly importing to me. I absolutely loved it and I believe it’s worthwhile for anyone to attend.”Amanda Wesley

To get an idea about what is happening during the workshops please check out the previous workshop page so you can get an impression. 

Want to join this workshop in Perth in February or March 2018?

If this doesn’t suit you, but you’re interested in joining, you can always contact me.

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