Do more of what makes you happy

Oh what an easy statement to make right? And of course we all want to do more of what makes us happy. We want to have our weekends longer or more holidays, just more time off to do what we want, or just let the world stop for a second so we can feel lighter without the pressure of everything we need or want to do.

But there is a truth to this statement, on a bit of a deeper level. See I’ve got an inspiration board at the front entry of my house and since the beginning of this year this quote ‘do more of what makes you happy’ has been on there. When I read it reminds me to stop and think about what actually fills my soul; what can I do today to make me feel amazing?

Take time to check in with yourself

Use a time in the morning to check in with yourself, and you can make this a habit by incorporating it in your usual routine. Ask yourself what you can do for yourself today? Perhaps write it on a post-it on your fridge or bathroom mirror, or perhaps you’ll have a small notebook next to your coffee machine or in your car. Pause for a few moments and think about the day ahead and ask yourself: Where can I make some time for myself? What can I adjust to make my day great?

Take responsibility for your life and happiness

Now you’ve answered your question on what you can, and more importantly want to do for yourself today, make sure you put things in place so you can. Can you take a 5 min longer lunchbreak, or say no to a meeting so you have more time to finish what’s been laying on your desk for too long, or can you not do your usual evening routine of Netflix until you’re tired, but take some time for yourself to recharge with a book, some music or an early night? As I’ve said before; your life is your responsibility. Take that responsibility and make a change for yourself, as small as it can be, it’s step in the right direction and you’ll feel so much better.

Say no a little bit more

The key is to reflect everyday on what you need or want. What fills your cup so you can be happier for yourself and for those around you. With this awareness, you can really make better decisions for yourself, which also includes saying no a little bit more. And trust me, the beginning might be hard, but your self-awareness will grow. At the same time your confidence will grow to guilt-free and without justification say no to things you feel pressured to do. It’s your life, and you focus on what matters to you.

More to learn

If you want to understand how you can do more of what makes you happy, join me for me next workshops in Perth. I’m running one in February and one in March, I’d love to show you how you can create more space and awareness in your life for a happier you.


What can you do today to make you feel happier?

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