Next to garbage designer and carbon capture technician, simplicity expert has been put forward as one of careers needed by 2030 (CST Inspired Minds).

Why? Because everything will get more complicated in the future. We think that we’re making life so much easier for ourselves through the use of our smartphones, driverless cars, fitbits and all other innovative products. But the truth is we create an overwhelming amount of data which is impossible for us to process, it’s already too much and taking up a huge portion of our brain capacity without us knowing.

I see it in the stressed teenager, who doesn’t get more homework than 30years ago, but does have way more information streams coming in and hardly no breaks.

I see it in the mum running from one thing to the next, trying to keep up with the children’s activities, her own goals and putting it all together.

I see it in friends, not fully present at the dinner table, with their phone down in front, not checking it, but still partly occupied because it’s sitting there.

We’ve lost the ability to be still, to pause, to wait. We are constantly occupied, distracted or entertained. It’s actually hugely disturbing as we have more information to process (and it will only get more) but we’re losing our mental capacity to deal with this. Here’s where I come in.


What do I do as a simplicity expert?

As a simplicity expert I make sure that YOU work on your own toolkit to know how you can take control of your environment. How you can feel you’re in charge, rather than overwhelmed by everything coming your way. That you know how to deal with it, how and what to say no to, and how you can love everything that’s most important to you to the fullest!


How do I work as a simplicity expert?

I’m here to give advice, support and encouragement. I coach and I speak about this. I develop ways for you to implement so you can always let go of confusion and clutter. My approach is based on the external as much as the internal and it doesn’t matter where you start, one will feed the other.


Why is it important?

Do you know that every TWO days as a society we produce more information than we did for our entire civilisation up until 2003? That’s huge!! We are only going to be surrounded with more information, more technology, more marketing and more societal demands. It’s up to me to make you realise that it’s now more than ever excruciatingly vital to know how to deal with this.


My first tips for to start simplifying your life:

  • Know your values, as they are the core of who you are. I’ll be sharing with you my number 1 exercise I do with my clients real soon.
  • Bring everything you do in line with these values. If they’re not, then let them go. Really, there is no happiness if the things you believe in are different from the things you do.
  • Stop blaming, complaining and comparing. There’s absolute no use and it’s time to take full responsibility for everything you have and do. It might sound harsh, but I’m just getting real with you here.
  • Focus on the positives. We can only have two different types of thoughts; the ones that break you down or the ones that build you up. It’s up to you to start focussing on the latter and trust me, over time you’re rewiring your brain and it will become second nature.


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