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There is so much value in working with a coach; to get clear on what you want and need, to be fully supported and held accountable. Learn more about the power of coaching
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As a life coach I am privileged to work with inspiring people that I can support in achieving what they most want. I’m here, all in and ready to challenge you to dig deeper and support you all the way!
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Happy to share my ideas on living with more intention, strategies on how to reduce the busyness and my experiences on how to put it all into practice. For inspiration visit my blog
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Inspiration and more clarity on your happiness

First Name

Hello! I’m Eefje.

I’m a certified life coach to support you in becoming less overwhelmed, more focussed in your life and absolutely clear on what happiness is for you. I believe in stripping away the excess to only be left with what matters most.

My work is to inspire you to provide you with practical tools to assist you in making conscious decisions towards your best life, simple and content!

Are you ready for the challenge to dig deeper to learn what you need most?


Do more of what makes you happy

Oh what an easy statement to make right? And of course we all want to do more of what makes us happy. We want to have our weekends longer or more holidays, just more time off to do what we want, or just let the world stop for a second so we can feel lighter

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My personal goal this year and how you can achieve yours

2018 as a fresh start I love new starts and fresh beginnings and I’m always excited for the new year. Please note I also know that each day is a new beginning and we can decide each day what we want and don’t want, but there’s just something special about the 1st of January. So

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Reflect and celebrate!

As we’re approaching the end of the year, we’re usually in a slightly frantic state as it’s usually a hectic time for all of us. There are parties to attend, Christmas presents to organise, school or sport club functions to join, food preparation to do, work projects to finish; all to get ready for a

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